Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why is it Quiet in Here?

My boys turned 21 months last week and it's like they turned over an independent leaf.  They are starting to play together well - and by that I mean, for a few minutes nobody (N) steals anyone's (M's) toys.  In fact, two days ago I was working in the kitchen when I noticed it was QUIET.  All I could hear was the droning of Thomas the Train and the water faucet.  Huh?  No chattering?  No hollering?  No toys making incessant music? 

I turned off the water, paused Thomas (I have a bone to pick with him in another post) and listened.  Nothing. I debated momentarily between dashing upstairs and lying down on the couch.

I dashed.  They were in their room, playing!  With a toy!  Okay, there was evidence that they had been dismantling and splashing in the humidifier, but so what?  I didn't want to disturb the peace, so I tried closing the door back down, but they saw me.  The jig was up.  Peace was disrupted.  It was over.

Still, it gave me hope.  Hope that one day, there will be much peaceful playing together.  Hope that we will have a room one day dedicated to Boy Play, where, peaceful or not, they can be boys and I can have no little fear of disaster.

In other news, Auntie L is here with us for her spring break this week, so there should be plenty of pictures. We call her our photographer.  She is paid in snotty baby kisses.

Grandpa A's truck rolled through last night, so the boys got to play with him.  And his phone.

N's famous peek a boo smile - and new coffee cup.

I think the stickers look better on my tummy

Is this how you use it?  M tries out the old Boppy we dug out for a friend's visit.


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