Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Britches Day

Today feels like the day after we found out we were having twins.  The day we found out we were shocked, ecstatic, thrilled, elated, proud, humbled...maybe you're like us and the day actually has a name: The Most Shocking Day of Our Lives.  It's one of the biggies like Engagement Day, Wedding Day, Graduation Day.  But remember the day after?  Fortunately, not really.  Not until another big one comes along do you remember the day after feels like:
  • Now what?
  • Where do I start?  
  • There's so much to do!  It's overwhelming!
  • So I'll eat a brownie.  Read a blog.  Write an unusual blog entry while I try to sort it out and nothing actually gets done.
Because in two weeks and two days we have another one: Moving Day.  Remember I wrote this post called "Too Big For Our Britches?"  It's happening!  We have been blessed by God with an opportunity to rent a friend's beautiful 4BR home with everything we've been wishing for and more.  So we've listed our place for lease with a property management company and have not one but TWO showings in...27 hours.  I'm overwhelmed with God's goodness because we have friends offering to help with boxes, trucks, trailers, and time, parents flying out as I type to help pack, more coming out for Big Britches Day and everything is falling into place.  It's quite amazing, humbling, and overwhelming.  And I don't know where to start. 

We've had moving days before and at the time they were big.  Small "b" big because we were newlyweds without much stuff so it only took a couple of family members to move our few things.  This time around, it's the Big One.  Or a Big One.  Perhaps there will be more which will demote this to First Big One. 

But now we have two kids: toddler twin boys who turn 22 months old today, to be exact.  Two very curious and active little fellas who have acquired an unfathomable amount of STUFF in the short 22 months they've been alive.  Or we've acquired for them. Not to mention the 6+ years we've lived here acquiring stuff.  Not that we're shoppers - honestly, we're non-shoppers. So it could be much worse.

And it's not just the stuff stuff - it's all the other stuff, too!  The details, which I used to pride myself on, but not so these days.  No pride here anymore.  My bathroom is filthy and yesterday's towel load is still in the dryer.  There is lunch debris all over my dining room  and a coat of dust thick enough to write your name on the entertainment center.  I have to have this place in "show" condition tomorrow!  I have to make people fall in love with our little house! I should be doing that but I'm kind of shocked into stillness and have to write to get it all out, to get my mind in order before I can tackle these tasks.  

So if I'm scattered the next two weeks, this is why.  But thanks for, reading.  I'm feeling well enough to go clean the dining room and kitchen.  That's always the first priority because I'm gonna have to feed them again. 

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Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

I relate to the shocked/overwhelmed feeling of not knowing where to begin. I also agree that while the Most Shocking Day of our Lives is quite imprinted on my brain, the day after is completely gone.