Friday, December 16, 2011


My boys are not only active little fellas, they are talkative, too!  M started first, but N is never far behind and this fall, he's really ramped it up.  They've been saying so many funny things I thought I would compile them into a post.  Here's what comes to mind right now:

Banana: "Um-BLA-na" M says.  When he doesn't want whatever we are eating for dinner, he sees the fruit on the counter and asks for an um-BLA-na.

Helicopter: "OWIE-clop-ter" We have these tinkertoy type building pieces and their favorite thing to build is a simply a circle with sticks stuck out of each hole.  They call it an "OWIE-clop-ter," despite it looking more like a sunshine on a stick.

Grape Juice: It's a recent introduction to their diet and they love it, but they just don't connect that it's from grapes, so it's "Black Juice" no matter what we tell them.

When we are really desperate, like we are on airplanes, we allow them to play games on our iphones (did I ever mention that I got a new phone this fall?  It's amazing how well things work when they work well!)  One game is called Lunchbox, and there is a monkey that dances when the child gets the question right (i.e, which fruit starts with Q?  That's qumquat, however, spell check is telling me that's wrong.  Ironic?)  However, since they see us using our phones daily, they now think whenever we use them, we are playing their favorite game, "Monkey Dance."  So they dance around whining, "Monkey Dance!  Monkey Dance!  I wanna Monkey Dance!"

Update: Hubby says Q is for quince.  He knows this game VERY VERY well, better than me, clearly.

Talk to me!  Yesterday, M asked his Daddy a question but Daddy apparently didn't answer in the appropriate amount of time (like 2 seconds) so M grabbed his face and said, "Talk to me!"

What are you eating in the mouth?  M's favorite question to determine whether it's worth asking for or not.

We used to read "The Going to Bed Book" everynight, but it disappeared for awhile.  Now that it's back from the dead, they like to not only read it, but randomly recite it throughout the day.  I'll be in the van and hear behind me, "They hang their towels on the wall/and find pajamas big and small" when the other brother chimes in "With some on top and some beneath/they brush and brush and brush their teeth!" 

This morning M was upset because he couldn't find his lovie (at 6:30 am!) so N jumped into his brother's bed and rooted under the covers like a truffle pig, triumphantly jumping up and shouting "I found the lovie!"

When they are upset about something - which could be anything, like returning the correct nightlight to the correct bedroom, where it belongs - both boys put the offender in time out.  They shout to me, their Aunt, their Daddy, their brother, their toys, their bears, their chairs, you name it, "You go time out!"  Now we are working on a different tactic, reminding them Mommy and Daddy are in charge.  So far, no good.

FOR-et: In an attempt to entertain them, I've been trying to build them forts in their play room.  It's not going too well because they just want to rip the blankets off, but every now and then, they will ask me to build them a FOR-et.

BLOC-li  the flowery green which went down the hatch so well for so long is no longer acceptable.  Last night neither of the boys would eat their BLOC-li.

Cookie Dough: They boys used to be TERRIFIED of my hand mixer, then my ancient Kitchenaid, but less so of the new red Kitchenaid that Santa delivered early to me this year. Thank you Santa!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!   I managed to keep them in the kitchen once by convincing them that what I was making in the mixer was cookie dough.  They stood with their backs glued to the refigerator while I added ingredients - much better than when they would run crying from the kitchen.  When the dough was finished, I allowed them to eat a bite off the spoon.   While I solved one problem, I created two more: they both think anytime I touch the Kitchenaid, I'm making cookie dough!  Does N look one bit afraid the mixer this morning?  I think not!

N can't resist taking a peek at the cinnamon roll dough!

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April said...

Its so much more fun to bake with a magical kitchen aid mixer. Love all the new things they are saying!