Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let it Snow!

I have a to-do list that doesn't end this week.  It's so long that I'd rather do nothing than attempt anything on it.  So, darn the torpedoes, I'm going to blog tonight! 

Grandma A was visiting this weekend and when she saw snow in Saturday night's forecast, she knew just what she wanted to do.  The two of us headed out to pick up a few things during naptime: Papa Murphy's Take and Bake Pizza and two mini snow shovels.

That was our Saturday evening: pizza and snow shoveling because we got 6 inches! 

FYI, I took 35 pictures of the snow shoveling extravaganza.  The boys were SO EXCITED to be "snowplows" that they would not even look in my direction for one single second.  So these really are the best pics of the lot.  You've been warned.  
N in green, M in blue, headed out the door

"This is my snowplow"

Daddy gives them a hand

"I'm cold"


Daddy slows M down for a snapshot

"It's cold!"

"Cheese!"  My little hams just about to go out and shovel.
They stayed shoveling with Daddy until the entire drive and walk were done, then kicked and screamed when it was time to come in (you'll notice a lack of re-entry photos) and have hot chocolate.  I thought they would love it, all lukewarm like they like all their food, but no.  They only wanted to go back outside and snowplow some more!  I suppose that bodes well for the future - I will always have a clean driveway! 

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camaulds said...

Love it!

When Steve was ten or so I asked Dan & he to shovel the drive! Completely serious, he looked at me and said " the only reason you had kids is because you wanted slaves!"

Yep, that's the only reason!

It was especially hilarious when compared to the chores Sharon & I were expected to do at a similar age!

Ah, memories!