Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lost Boys, Er, Photos

Just kidding about the Lost Boys.  It's more like Lost Photos.  Through the gracious gifts of both goods and services, in a year's time I've acquired both a beautiful new Nikon camera (you've heard me speak of it before) and the installation of Picasa 3 on my desktop, which is the best photo thingy that ever was invented, according to our wonderful techo savvy installer friend - and he would know - no, for real, he would!  He's really really smart when it comes to both photography and technology.  The problem is, my BRAIN is not the best it ever was, so I'm STILL having problems with my "new" technology.  I keep trying to take photos with the Nikon, which does take MUCH nicer pics than our old Sony Handycam, but the problem comes when I need to upload, oh, about 900 PHOTOS at a time because I've been procrastinating.  What?  You?  But you always have such cute up to date photos on the blog!   Yeah, because I use my old Handycam, the piece of...uh, equipment...that I know how to operate.

So my new year's resolution this year is to learn how to use BOTH the Nikon AND the Picasa 3 AND figure out where the pictures go when I actually DO accomplish the upload AND how to get the photos from that mystery location onto Blogger. 

Before Three is born.  So I know how to get you good pictures of him. 

I think that's a much better resolution than a clean house or losing the baby weight, because you and me both know that's not gonna happen!

So here are just a few of the efforts of nearly a day's worth of from the Nikon.  Make that recent pictures.  Enjoy!  We are just hours away from our annual Christmas vacation, so Merry Christmas!  Enjoy time with your loved ones and I'll be back soon, depending on how my technology works for the next week or so. 

Last Saturday Hubs and I had Christmas with the boys, just the four of us, complete with homemade cinnamon rolls, a fire, and pj's all morning (yes, we all changed by afternoon).  There was even snow on the ground...just wonderful.
M gobbles up cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast

N with his first hot chocolate the night of being a snowplow with Daddy

M helps decorate Christmas cookies

N decorates cookies, too

One for me, one for me, one for me, NONE for you!

Christmas "Eve" night they only left Santa one cookie!

N loves those cinnamon rolls!
Merry Christmas!

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