Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Grandma and Papa K. watched all 4 grandsons last night so that we could go out with my sister and her husband.  We told the kids we were going out on a date and my precocious 4 year old nephew asked, "A double date?!  You're gonna be kissing, aren't you?!" He cried, making a face.  We laughed and laughed, first at the fact that he knows what a double date is, second at the idea of two sets of old married folks kissing in my sister's tiny Prius!

The four of us had a good time noshing on sushi and then yukking it up at my old stompin' grounds, the Bennigan's where I served my way through college and marriage.  Eight years later, my favorite manager and even a couple of former co-workers were still there to greet me with warm smiles.  It's like going home.  And it makes me realize how easy life was in college when I thought it was SO HARD. :)  I mean, wouldn't it be wonderful to put my kids through that giant dishwasher instead of bathing them?  And wouldn't it be great to have the food magically appear in the "window," ready for consumption, rather than figuring out what to prepare, making it and a mess, only to be instantaneouly and simultaneouly rejected by both of my sons? 

While our server was not one of my former co-workers - there's a lot of turn over in 8 years- he was a friend of my sister and brother in law, so when I ordered a brownie bottom pie for dessert (a totally legit thing for pregnant women in my family to order) he brought me this:
A double!  Because he thought I was having twins again?!  Sheesh.  I'm not that big!
Me, sis, and Hubs hangin' out.  Brother in law snaps the pic
We did some other things, but I won't bore you with the details....I'd incriminate someone.  (She knows who she is.)  A good time was had by all, and the big pregnant lady ended the fun at midnight because she was about to turn into a pumpkin.   

What I'm really writing to tell you is the story I heard this morning from my mom.  The boys were giving her a hard time going to bed.  What?  Your kids?  They're so well behaved.  Yeah, that's because anyone can behave for an hour, as long as it takes to go out in public!  I'm relieved to have learned that they're not treating me or hubs with any special malice, however, and that they spread the wealth to all. 

She finally separated them because of all of the screwing around and stood sentry between both bedrooms.  Exasperated, fianlly, she told them, "No more talking!"

From one of the rooms, she immediately heard a loud, fake snore:


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Pam Kelsey said...

I didn't fall for it either!! But, it was way funny... especially coming from a 2 1/2 year old!! They shouldn't know to do that kind of stuff!