Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Egyptian Hacker and a Possum

I feel the need to aplogize if you received a spam message from my personal email account titled "Fox News," which was pretty tricky of my Egyptian hacker because who doesn't like Fox News and think I might send you a link?


So thank you to those who messaged me to let me know I'd been hacked from some, ugh...silly goose...keepin it clean, here, in Egypt.  And thank you to Yahoo, too, who alerted me.


It's a pain in the butt when your Visa card number is stolen or your email account is hacked and you have to stop the card, get a new one, change all your passwords, etc. BUT if these organizations did not have the safegaurds in place to alert us to suspicious activity, then I would have just kept on going with the banana bread making and carpet vacuuming and diaper changing today, never knowing that my account had been hacked and I sent 100 totally bogus emails to all my dearly loved friends and family...and some less loved, too.

See, when I opened my account, I had 14 "undeliverable" messages returned to me.  So this evening I sat down to look at my contacts.

I don't remember saving all of these contacts into my account, but it appears that every email I've sent in the past few months has been saved into my contacts...like the guy who emailed me about buying a chair before we moved, one of the car and auto insurance agents with whom I was communicating last month, the real estate agent with whom we worked in December.  Sorry to them, too. 

At least THEY won't receive spam email if I'm ever hacked again.  I deleted 40% of my contacts! 

In unrelated strangeness of the day, I saw a possum crawl under my neighbor's overturned aluminum boat behind their garage when I went to start the van to take the kids to preschool this morning (and we were only 3 minutes late) Icky.

So far I've had a skunk, possum, and Egyptian hacker come into my life this week and it's only Tuesday night.  Do you think that means anything? 

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