Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thinking Spring

I'm still here, thinking of my blog friends and how you miss me so, thinking how ready we are for spring. After that tease of nice weather last week for a couple days, it's only fitting that we are covered in snow again and the kids have colds and they are home from preschool today.

I will Praise The Lord that spring is on the way, that the colds are minor, that I have help in the form of Aunt L and Grandma K on their way today and there is hope for a shower.

I know you don't want to hear excuses but in-law's-flooded-basement-cleanup, in-law's-35th-anniversary-dinner, bridesmaid dress shopping, great-grandma-care taking, kids coming down with colds, and normal laundry and groceries have left little blog time. Boo.


Kim and Steve said...

All wonderful excuses! Thank you!!

Pam Kelsey said...

Actually, Pam said... All wonderful excuses!!