Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hopping Into Spring!

Oh my goodness we have so busy here! We have been hopping around getting ready for Easter!

Last Saturday we went to the local Easter Egg "Hunt" sponsored by the Jaycee's at our nearby park. It was cold but we bundled up and strolled over, prepared to collect eggs. We found our spot, which was a field marked into age groups...less "hunting" than "gathering" since there were thousands of eggs just lying there!

Then the big fire engines sounded their sirens to signal the beginning of the hunt and the kids dive in! Well, M dove in. C, naturally, cried because the sirens were loud, then N joined in. I tried consoling the criers while Hubs and M collected eggs, and by the time I convinced them all was safe, the field had been cleared!

M had several dozen eggs, N had perhaps 10-what Hubs and a kind mother near us managed to scoop into his bag. I decided to combine them all in my seldom used crystal bowl and make it part of our Easter centerpiece, so no one could compare the plunder. Today we added the cereal-box Easter baskets the boys made at preschool. My decorators!

Also, we have spent some fun times with Aunt L this week, coloring eggs and walking to the playground near her house.

Egg decorating went surprisingly well! The first few have the best colors because the fellas got impatient quickly after dying for more than a minute toward the end. They should make some pretty stuffed eggs for Sunday!

We tried teaching the boys to pump their legs on the swings- that was less successful than egg dying- and put C on the little tykes slide for the first time. He was NOT impressed!

We are looking forward to a few fun filled family days since Hubs has Good Friday and some time off next week. For the first time ever, we are not traveling for a holiday! (Ok there were a couple of Easters I was ginormously preggo and couldn't travel, but that is not the case this year...or any year going forward;) I digress, though. Baby bunnies, open gym,, a fish fry, and a trip to the Sugarhouse at the Chippewa Nature Center are in the plans!

Hooray for spring! It has finally arrived!

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