Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green Eggs and Ham Night

The kids ate spinach tonight!! Thank you, thank you, Dr. Seuss and Jessica Seinfeld!

In an attempt to create kid-friendly family meals, I've been cooking with "deceptively Delicious" again. I don't care for the word "deceptive" because I want to teach my kids to be honest and truthful but that's beside the point. They can't read yet. And M pressed the "purée" button on the blender with the sautéed spinach inside, so he (kind of) knew what the green sauce was.

It wasn't an easy sell at first, so we read "Green Eggs and Ham" throughout the meal, pausing to take bites. It's a long book in the first place. I think we made it last 20 minutes!

C got in on the action, too, and I think he ate as much as the twins. I cut him off after that, though. A whole bag of spinach between the 4 of us is a lot!

If you do this, be warned: it is messy. But fun, and a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (better late than never) and reading month, and 99 cent pre Easter egg sales.

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