Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween 2013

 We purchased one carving pumpkin because it's all we can handle!  Why the twins are shirtless is beyond me, but here they are helping scoop the guts out.  I made toasted pumpkin seeds with the guts...yum!
 The finished product named Pumpkiny.
 Matthew had more fun than he's letting on here, I think.

C gets a bath while big bros carve Pumkiny
 The big day!  Here we are trick or treating at GiGi's (great grandma's).  This is the best one with all 3!  N is appropriately decked in orange, a dino hat and "this T shirt is my costume" outfit, M is "batman" and C is wearing the old panda suit. 
 Here we are at Grandma A's with cousin A who is the plane from the new Disney movie (I honestly don't know the character's name) on their way to the local elementary school for a party that Grandma's work sponsored.  Panda and I stayed at Grandma's to hand out candy to a huge mass of middle school kids!
C chose a Lifesaver gummy candy from the bowl...and licked it like crazy!  It was so funny to see his little tongue going crazy licking it!  Maybe it was a sour candy?  I don't know, but he eventually finished it.

A note on Halloween candy: I've been doling it out bit by bit, mostly for finishing their lunch, pooping in the potty, for finding a lost item, or being caught doing something nice.  It's whittling away, but I have to tell kids keep picking out the icky stuff, going around the chocolate!  They want the Laffy Taffy, the generic lollipops, Now and Laters, tiny Twizzlers.  It's working out pretty well for me and Hubs...we've taken care of all the Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Ways, and Resse's.  All that's left for us is the plain Hershey's, which I think we can handle!

Till next year, sayonara Halloween!

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