Monday, November 25, 2013

N"s Funny

If it seems that I post more funnies that come out of M's mouth, it's true - he says more crazy stuff!  So for posterity's sake, Hubs relayed this to me after dropping the twins off at preschool this morning, although N said this with absolute certainty so I don't think he was trying to be funny:

N was sitting on the floor of the hallway, changing out of his boots and into his shoes.  Hubs bend down to help him and N asked,

"Are you taking us to swimming tonight?"

"Yes," Hubs replied.

"This is the most important-ness part: Don't leave us there!" He said, looking up at Hubs with his big round eyes.

(I have NO IDEA why he's thinking about us leaving him at swimming lessons!  Perhaps something happened last week while we were gone, that no one's telling us?)

Of course, Hubs assured him that he will not leave him at swimming lessons. 

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