Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Prep Thoughts

* Seriously contemplating doing my Christmas shopping online for the first time.  I mean, Legos never go on sale, so why bother driving to pay full price?  And why are they so expensive?  I know, though, from my sister's experience with my nephew, you just have to buy the real deal.  No fake blocks. 

*I'm trying to be all domestic-goddess and bake some holiday treats ahead of time now that I have a new freezer chest (thanks, M!) and master the art of pressed cookies since I got a press this year and HATE (HAAAAAATE) cutting cut out cookies.  It sounds so easy, just press, sprinkle the cookies with sugar, and bake....well.....they TASTE awesome, I mean, what wouldn't with two sticks of butter per recipe?  The first two test batches turned out good enough, meaning, with practice, my third and Real Christmas Cookie batch should be just right.

Haha!  I dyed it green to make trees.  Somehow, the dough was too tough to go through the press and no matter how I tried, I couldn't get anything to shape.  Then I cracked the tree shape.  So I wound up making green little balls and letting N put mini M&M's on top.  They look nothing like trees and just like green blobs. 

About the press, M said, "We should give this back to Grandma K!  Write a note! Dear Grandma, we don't want this anymore!!!" I haven't laughed so hard!  Made the whole cookie baking afternoon worth it.  And now M has a gift for Grandma...

* I'm also about to make 20 lbs of mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.  Yikes!  I know, it's crazy, right?  But since I want to make sure my poor husband and son have something dairy-free to eat that day, and it wouldn't make sense for me to make just ONE batch of potatoes, I'm doing them all.  Heaven help me!  (The other 3 batches will be FULL of butter and milk, family.  I promise!)

*Also, (here's where I think I'm crazy) I'm planning a gingerbread-house decorating contest for the Thanksgiving party.  I need to make a practice batch of the royal icing, hope it works.  I'm beginning to wonder if this is too much...there will be about 30 people there!  In fact, Hubs' family is so large we don't fit into a house and need to rent a room for the first time!  This should be interesting...but I'll have you know, we're using graham crackers.  Not baking gingerbread.

*And why do my kids not have school the day before Thanksgiving?  Really?  I'm pretty sure I did not get that day off until for my pre-schoolers, that means an entire week of no school, followed by 3 weeks of school, then 2 more weeks of no school.  Not sure what to think of that...

*Discussed placing the twins in Kindergarten with another 4 year old twin mom today.  I'm glad to know that I'm not the only feeling both elation and dread about the impending day...even if it is still 10 months away.  She was TOURING schools 3 nights this week!  THIS WEEK!  It raises my kindergarten anxiety up a notch, just thinking about having to tour in November. 

*Placed my Christmas card order and typed my first draft of the annual Christmas Letter (where's my strikethrough?) Quiz.  EEEK.  I cannot believe it's Christmas time.  REally.  The kids are begging to put up the tree and I'm ordering cards and baking stuff.  EEEK! 

*A squirrel the size of a cat is on the roof outside my window, watching me, looking in as if to say, it's really starting to get cold out here, and I'm hungry so please feed me!  He's kind of distracting me, making me think I ought to finish this and go check on the kids, the laundry, and make that test batch of royal icing...

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