Saturday, November 16, 2013

M's Commentary

1.There is a story my mother-in-law loves to tell about Uncle A; how, as a little guy, he understood the concept of time in "Little Rascals" and "Doug" episodes, each half-hour children's TV programs.

Yesterday, as I was explaining to M and N that Papa would take care of them for a hour before Grandma K came home from work, M piped up and asked, "that's about two Mighty Machines?"

I looked up at him from putting C's shoes on and smiled, remembering her story. "It sure is, little buddy," 

2. My husband took the twins to run an errand Thursday afternoon. (Can you believe they were going to a Fed Ex store to mail his visa application for an upcoming business trip? These are the kinds of errands we run!) It was mid-afternoon and the kids hadn't had a snack, but he could see in his rear view mirror their mouths were full.

"What are you eating, guys?" He asked.
"French fries leftover from last night," M answered, "But they are QUITE cold!" He emphasized.

3. Papa and Grandma K kept the kids Friday night for us and M commented on her wall decor. "You have some very old-fashioned things in your house!" He exclaimed...not once, but twice! She also said the kids were good as gold, but she can't find M's volume button. That's because it doesn't exist!

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