Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Terrific Tuesdays

I try to enjoy Tuesdays and Thursdays as much as possible. Next year the twins will be off to kindergarten every morning and there will be no more "home days" or "sleep in days," as we are calling them. I've created a color and symbol code on a calendar, so they can read what they are doing that day.

Sunday has a cross for church. 

Monday is highlighted blue for school and has waves at the bottom for swimming.

Tuesday is blank, "home day," today, the day I alternately treasure and dread. Treasure because there are fewer "home days" to spend together doing our own thing. Dread because they sometimes fall apart, becoming my undoing. 

Wednesday is highlighted orange for school. 

Thursday has a book symbol for library storytime. 

Friday is highlighted pink for school. 

Saturday is "no work" day, they know Daddy will be home to do fun stuff. Often there is a balloon symbolizing a family party of some kind. 

I'm trying hard to make Tuesdays more fun, sometimes taking them on errands, when it was warm taking snacks to a park. I suppose I will have to brainstorm more indoor things- back in September we spent a morning making 5 batches of play-doh. (Because I'm the official play-doh mom of their pre-school classroom...I had to sign up for something at orientation and that was the least commitment, OK?! You would have done the same thing.)

Today, though? The "sleep-in" concept is totally lost on them since Sunday, time change day. I know there is an adjustment period, but this morning, M came in to my room no less than every ten minutes, beginning at 6:07. 

Because the rule is they cannot get up until 7:00 (seven-oh-oh). But when he's being squirreltail, he says it's 7 because there is a 7 on his clock. 

6:07: I have to go pee-pee. Me:then go, and go back to bed. 
6:17: I'm hungry. Me: I'll get you breakfast later. Stay in your room till 7:00.
6:27: I'm really really hungry! Me: then eat a banana! 
6:37: I'm really really really hungry! Me, getting out of bed and getting him a banana, served to him in bed because he ran back there, I'm sure because he knew I was getting irritated: eat this!
6:47: I'm done with my banana. I have to go poop! Me: you know what to do.
6:57, Both twins are in the bathroom using the toilet together, singing the days of the week song at the top of their lungs. Me: ok, fine, go turn on PBS. 
7:00: but it's Arthur! We don't like Arthur!

I know I'll miss this next year. Right now I'm just waiting for the caffeine to take effect. 

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