Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Old St. Nick

We had a special family day on Sunday afternoon with the extended A family.  Grandpa A treated us all to Zehnder's!  If you are not from around here, just know that it's a pretty awesome little German tourist town right here in Michigan, and Zehnder's serves out of this world traditional chicken dinners. 

I didn't take any pictures of the meal because no one likes to look at pictures of people eating and because we were busy trying to feed the fellas.  But it was SO delicious and fun!

Then most of us bundled up and headed to Bronner's, which is also located in the fun town of Frankenmuth.  Bronner's is the LARGEST Christmas store in the world - if it's a Christmas decoration, it can be found there.  (It's sort of like the Walt Disney World of Christmas stores.) 

And SANTA was there!  Hubs and I decided, we're here, let's do it!  Because is there ever a good time for it?  (No, the answer is no.)  Best part was that we were allowed to take our own photos!  Sweet! 

So we registered and were assigned to the "present" group - we were to go shopping and listen for our group to be called to see Santa.

(Skip the part where I tell you it took forever and the whole place is filled with a ZILLION MILLION BILLION glass ornaments.)  We found an adorable (plastic) owl family ornament with two owl parents and 3 owlets and there was no charge for personalization, so we did that, too..because how could we go there and not buy ANYTHING?  And who doesn't love owl ornaments?  It will fit right in on our tree...stay tuned for that update!

Finally, FINALLY, FINALLY the "present" group was called and we raced, well, shuffled, pushed and fidgeted in line for awhile we are waiting in line:

I LOVE Santa!

Aunt L's hair is a great plaything when you're out of snacks
Then it was our turn!!!!  WOOOO HOOOO!  C was all smiles till he actually met Ol St. Nick! He clammed right up when he saw him, but did not cry, thank goodness!  M cooperated, he really got what was going on...and told Santa he wants the Lego City Police station.  Thank goodness he's a great Santa and asked the boys if they like surprises, too...because the real Santa is all like, um, NOT going to be building that...she's going to give them each a big box of Lego pieces and SURPRISE!  you get to build it yourself! (Lego City Police station is one of the most expensive kits I see online, by the way.) Then N told him he wants "another" tow truck...huh?  He's got a little toy truck that's about 5 inches long, but he wants a "medium" truck...that "lights up and goes  grrrrrrrrrr" 
 So who has one of those trucks?  Where have you seen one?  "I don't know,"
 Do you play with one at school?  At church? "No," Um....okay.  Santa will have to look into that.  Does this item exist in real life? 
So here's the whole owly family visiting Santa!  It went crying or running away!
 Here Santa gives them each a snowman ornament, which was so cute.  I wrote their names in Sharpie on the back and they hung them up as soon as we got home.

Hugs!  He was a pretty awesome Santa.

There are some things you just do because you're always glad you did it.
I guess it's part of being a good parent.
Thanks, mom, for always making Christmas awesome. 
I had no idea how much work it was!

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