Sunday, December 8, 2013

Online Shopping

Two weeks ago I mused I might do my Christmas shopping online this year. 

Those who know me well know how I feel about shopping, but I do it because it is just not economically wise (in my humble opinion) to pay SHIPPING for something that adds significantly to the cost...and I don't like to pay full price for anything.  (Except Spatz bread.  It doesn't go on sale and one just CANNOT make overnight baked french toast well without it!)

Then I discovered that Kohl's has FREE SHIPPING!  Yes, there are conditions, but when you've got a list a mile long they are easy to meet.  And, I discovered that we had a LOT of credit card perks to use up so last month I redeemed some in the form of gift cards.

NEXT, I discovered Kohl's Black Friday sales started Tuesday night online...

WHAT?!  You mean I can use these gift cards I just got in the mail to buy stuff online and then you mail it to me for free?  And I can get the black Friday deals too?  Without actually going into the store? 

Eureka, that's my kind of shopping!

So that's what I did. Then I earned a bunch of Kohl's cash that could also be used online during "cyber week" which also had free shipping, so I bought more stuff...things that we need but not badly enough for me to actually arrange for childcare to go out and search for...with Kohl's cash...real money that can only be redeemed at Kohl's.  So sort of like Monopoly money.  I got:

a fitted waterproof mattress pad cover for one of my twins

flannel sheets for the twins' beds this winter

exchange gifts for the family Christmas gift exchange

and a bunch of other stuff I can't really tell you about.

But there is more...

You see, the first shipment, ordered the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (Black Tuesday?  Fat Tuesday?) arrived a few days ago.  In two relatively large boxes.

The best thing in the world to give a couple of bored preschoolers in the weeks before Christmas is a big box, markers, and stickers.

I just cut a "window" in the side of each one......and voila!! Play houses!

The fun lasted for hours, literally. 

I hardly have the words to tell you how much I love doing my Christmas shopping online.  I love Kohl's.  (As long as I get the rest of the stuff!!)  If shipping were always free...I might never step foot in a store again.

Which brings me to tell you that I also love Sam's Club.  I've mentioned it to you before, and I like to joke with my MIL that I love things in bulk...including kids!  Her theory is that the membership keeps out the "riff raff" which is likely true because I've never had a creeper experience there like my poor bloggy friend recently did at her local Wal Mart.  So if you come over to my house and see that I have 2 gallons of handsoap and a dozen paper towels stashed away, just know it's for two reasons:
I have a lot of messy kids
I hate shopping

Hence, my love for buying stuff online and buying stuff in bulk.  So...instead of fighting the crowds shopping for gifts this chilly gloomy Sunday afternoon, I am baking massive amounts Chex Mix (yes, I bought the ingredients at Sam's Club) which makes the house smell AWESOME, hanging with my football watching fellas and writing to you.  Win-win. 

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