Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Program

We were able to dress the boys in their "weddings suits" with the aid of a Mickey Mouse Christmas video and little drama last Wednesday night.  I'd been dreading it all day, but perhaps the hints I'd dropped for a week and laying out the suits and new shoes on the bed that afternoon helped?

It didn't help them fit, though!  Since they only had to wear them for 2 hours I wasn't going to buy new outfits, and as long as they stood still (haha, right) the pants and sleeves were juuuust long enough.  At least we got a good second wearing out of them before they are retired! 

The program was absolutely adorable and I've never, NEVER seen St. Joseph's church packed out like that in my whole life!  I'm pretty sure my own Christmas programs were not so well attended as a child, but there was no preschool there at the time.

Let's face it, people only REALLY want to see the preschoolers;)

(As a side note, it's both comforting and a bit unsettling to realize you're sitting in the same church watching the same Christmas program that you actually performed in 25+ years ago.)  

My three handsome sons, all dressed up and ready to go!

Here we all are, dressed up and unfocused (sounds about right)
 The Christmas story was told by all the animals in the stable the night Jesus was born.  The preschoolers were the mice.
N first, M next, in the mouse line up

In line with their classmates, wating...

M gets tired of waiting here...

There they are doing the motions to the song.
 There is actually a little girl standing between my sons, you can just see her nose and plaid skirt.  She kept stepping backward, and at one point during the program, M reached back and pulled her forward! 
Great smile from N the mouse

 Above, you see Hubs, who had to wear a tie to convince N to wear his, and me holding C.  We had to stand along the sides to even SEE the preschoolers when they sang - because they were so short and we of course, didn't know you had to be there an hour early to get a good seat :/. So while the K-5th grade animals sang their parts, our family was entertaining C in the pews.  Here's where I should have known he was getting an ear infection - see him sticking his finger in there? Yeah, he and I wound up at the doctor Thursday afternoon for anitibiotics.  Poor fella.  But it's Christmas, and it wouldn't be Christmas unless someone was sick, right?!
Hi Dad, watch me!  I've got one more trick!

Digging for your gift!
 Merry Christmas to my family, friends and faithful readers!  Enjoy this week with your loved ones and remember Jesus IS the reason for the season. 

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