Monday, December 16, 2013

Snowy Weekend

There's something magical about the first real snow accumulation of the's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We received about 4" snow Friday night, so we stayed in and baked Christmas cookies.  So I dedicate this post to Dr. F., a dear friend who taught me that baking Christmas cut-out cookies is always worth the effort, and who would be my new optometrist if I still lived in MN.

Cookie night:
Everything in my house looks like it was decorated by a 4 year old...

Because it was!
 I skipped the frosting part and just let the boys sprinkle, that is, dump, the colored sugars right onto the cookies before baking.  They are quite tasty!  But we are not quite ready to open up our new family bakery.  Perhaps because this is what the littlest helper was doing while the "big" ones were working...can you see the red and green sugars all over his face and hands?  He was eating the raw cookie dough right off the pan! 

We probably wouldn't pass health inspection standards...
Also, there are my new specs, Dr. F!  I made it to age 36 before my first pair of corrective lenses, so that's not too bad, I guess.  I had no idea I wasn't seeing well, thanks to a left diplopia (I think that's what he called left eye is slow to focus causing double vision until it does). And, his office is at Sam's Club.  Pretty convenient, eh?

Moving on to Saturday morning, when we had to clean up our driveway.  You have no idea how large your driveway is until there are 4" of snow on it!

Daddy and his three helpers about to get started

C rides in the "no bo!"
 Saturday morning I spent an hour searching for snowpants to fit C.  Over and over, I said, "I KNOW we had snowpants for the boys that year!  Where are they?"  I never found them (the size 24 months - one was a girls' and someone made me get rid of them and I think the others' claps were always broken) but I did find a pair of 3T's, so that's what he's wearing!  They are safety pinned at the shoulders and cuffed up to his knees!  Way too big but he stayed dry and warm...and only cried when I took him inside. Also, I unearthed a whole box of size 2T winter clothes that I put into the rotation.  I just love opening the box and dressing C in all of his big brothers' things!  It's like having them little again (but not)!
Cutie N is happy to pull

little c in the "snow boat"

Look how helpful they are!  The shoveling lasted one is under N's sled and the other behind S.

Warming up with homemade hot chocolate and cookies afterward
 Hubs and I also had a wonderful date night watching Les Mis at the Bay City Players while the boys had a sleepover at Grandma K's...seriously nothing better than that!

Feeling much more Christmas-y and a little less stressed after a very snowy family weekend....and ordering the missing gifts on Amazon. 

P.S. Two things that warmed my heart: A faithful blog reader offered to pick up a green Lego base for me way over on the west side of MI!  And I'm receiving Christmas cards from my MN friends, so happy to see all their smiling faces and show the kids their old friends! 


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I just mentioned to Jon that xmas baking and card sending would be completely do-able with two 4 years olds running amuk. But throw in the alomst 2 year old - and well, NO.... things aren't quite so tidy. Hearing about C getting into the dough... why, yes... absolutely. That is why we prob didn't even attempt cut outs when we had TWO - almost two year olds!!! It's still fun to try, though.. despite the mess. Memories!!! You guys look great!

Kim and Steve said...

I did not use the word "tidy" anywhere in this post! I'm learning to love the mess...