Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Current Events....ARRRGGH!

My husband asked me this weekend if my class will be having a 20th reunion.  I said, it hasn't been that long...it's only been...

19 years.


Nineteen years ago, I had a history teacher that required us to read "current events" to our class.  We had to read the newspaper, cut an article, and summarize it.  Every week.

That's a great reading strategy, by the way.  Summarizing.  I've been thinking about reading strategies a lot lately.  But that's something altogether different.

Anyone remember Current Events?  That's about all I do now, summarize, but I don't read the newspaper.  I check the weather app on my phone, I read Drudge a few times a week, and I check the local news station's "school closing" web page....before I even get out of bed. Because last week, I almost took them to school!  GASP AGAIN!  That's the extent of my current event reading these days because you know what's on TV?

PBS Kids and Netflix.  But back to current events.

  • Our sweet baby niece was born Friday morning!  Little Miss T arrived safe and sound and didn't even give her mama a hard time about it.  What a good girl!  Hubs and I were able to snuggle her that evening and bring the new parents a meal already.  They all are home, doing well and staying warm.  The boys have met her and looked at her.  They don't seem too impressed.  
  • My crown has been placed.  It was quite an ordeal and involved hours and tears and lots of local anesthesia, but I'm ok now.  It's big and white and shiny and so brand new that now all of my other teeth look grey in comparison.  Well, they are mostly grey because of all my fillings but my dentist and new hygienist both say I have nice teeth but I need to floss more.  Where have I heard that before? 
  • C STILL has an ear infection.  You would never know it...his temp was 98.8 and his only symptom is that he didn't want to eat dinner.  Otherwise, he's running around, curls bouncing, calling, "C'mere!," waving his little hand until Hubs followed him to the couch where he cried, "book!" and made him read a book.  Such a funny kid!  So now he's on yet another antibiotic and has earned himself a referral to the ENT next month.  
  • A dear old friend has produced the goods and we are now in possession of 4 pirate family costumes for Friday night.  One of them has been approved by the anti-costume child, a long sleeve T shirt screen printed with a pirate vest image.  So WHO has a whole family of pirate costumes?  Yours truly.  I've only to fashion some eye patches and headgear and we are...the pirates who don't do anything...we just stay at home, and lie around...and if you ask us to do anything, we'll just tell you...we don't do anything!  Okay, that's not really true, we are much too busy for our own good, but it's the only pirate song I can think of, from Veggietales.
  • Hmm...what else?  I won't bother telling you how lousy the weather is because you all know, and I can't really complain because it's worse in MN...but it just feels like regular MN here, which is stinky because I was very quickly able to adjust to Michigan weather.  This is like a big fat slap in the face from Minnesota for leaving or something.  
  • My yahoo email account has been hacked.  I don't think anyone of you got anything from me but I'm sorry if you did.  It's been a huge pain in the butt this week.  Don't get hacked. 

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