Tuesday, January 26, 2010

8 Months and a Punch Pizza

Yesterday, the boys turned 8 months old.  They are really getting a move on! 

Both boys are doing the "army crawl" all over the place.  I was working in the kitchen yesterday while they were playing in the living room (I can see them as we have an open floor plan) and they both scooched their little bodies around the big island and LOVED the kitchen floor!  I'm guessing their bellies slide better on it - and there are more interesting things there to pick up and put in their mouths.  The loved slapping their hands down on the linoleum...SLAP!  SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!  and playing with my toes.  Now I really have two little ankle-biters!  And I REALLY have to start sweeping that kitchen floor more often!

We got a coupon for free Punch Pizza and decided to celebrate their 8 month birthday with pizza last night.  Okay, I know they can't have pizza yet, but any excuse is a good excuse to go to Punch's.  It's our very favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities area and I haven't been there since Memorial Day weekend.  I know, because my last Punch pizza was two days before the boys were born, and I've been missing it ever since. 

So we packed them up, along with their tasty dinner of homemade applesauce and bananas, and headed up to Minneapolis for our FREE Neapolitan pizza.  This stuff is manna from heaven!  Except I would NEVER complain about it if I had to eat it every day - okay, I might complain about getting fat, but never about having to eat the most delicious pizza on earth.  I mean it!  It tastes just like the pizzas we ate in Italy and that's because these are authentic Neapolitan pizzas...okay, I need to finish this story, but if you're in the Twin Cities and you want the best pizzas on earth, go to Punch.

The place was CROWDED and we had to wait for a table, but the boys just knew that this was uber-important to us, so they were good.  Okay, they were asleep. It was all worth the wait, the feeding of the aforementioned baby food in tight quarters, the rushed order, to get this:


Oh, yeah, my readers want to see babies, so here's me and the boys posing.  

Well, it's me and the side of Matthew's head and Nathan. These were taken with hubby's phone, because OF COURSE I forgot the camera.  My memory has been failing me lately, but fortunately I haven't forgotten the boys anywhere!

FYI, we paid for their angelic restaurant behavior with howls of discontent all the way home.  They didn't seem to understand that they'd still get their pizza-flavored breastmilk in the morning.  So I had to promise them pizzas of their own on our next trip.

Happy 8 months, fellas!

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Punch Neapolitan Pizza said...

Thanks for coming durung the mayhem last monday. Both my girls first hard foods were pizza crusts from Punch