Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Beautiful Reason to Love Minnesota

If you live in the Midwest, I know you've seen it before.  The whole world looks as if it's been dipped in sugar overnight.  I ran outside to snap a few photos in our neighborhood before the sun melted it away.

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, hoarfrost is defined as: 
Hoarfrost A deposit of interlocking ice crystals (hoar crystals) formed by direct sublimation on objects, usually those of small diameter freely exposed to the air, such as tree branches, plant stems and leaf edges, wires, poles, etc., which surface is sufficiently cooled, mostly by nocturnal radiation, to cause the direct sublimation of the water vapor contained in the ambient air. 

I define it as the most beautiful part of winter.
The only tree in our "yard" was covered, too.

When we left this morning, the hoarfrost in the park across the road was sparkling in the sun.

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