Monday, January 11, 2010

Cabin Fever

Whew!  It's finally getting 'warm' here in Minnesota, meaning above zero, so I feel like I can take the boys out.

Last week, I just about cracked, not leaving the house.  Seriously, we went to church on Sunday, and Wednesday night, I told hubby, "I'm going grocery shopping after they go to bed!"  We didn't even need groceries!  I bought them anyway, so we're stocked up pretty well. 

I had a one-hour reprieve on Thursday to meet two dear friends but didn't leave again until Saturday afternoon.  During naptimes, I had some time to think.  Here's what I thought:


Don't get me wrong, I love my house.  Really, I do, and I'm so happy to own a warm, cozy house.  And I love staying home with my sons in it.  That's the honest-to-goodness truth, too.  I couldn't imagine getting up, dressing in work clothes, drinking coffee during the commute....wait a minute, that's exactly what I'm imagining!  Except not work clothes, just clothes that are not sweats, and not commuting, just actually pulling out of the driveway.  And I've decided that I'm back on the wagon - thank you, God, for creating coffee!

So, the boys and I have crafted a plan to get all of us out of the house.  It will benefit them because they will have other people to look at besides me during the day, and as an added bonus, I'll wear makeup and comb my hair on those days!  It will benefit me because there is only so much I can do to entertain them in our living room/playground, and as an added bonus, there will be big people to talk to!

We're signing up for Thursday morning E.C.F.E. (Early Childhood Family Education) classes which will start in February.  On Saturday, we visited the "ECFE welcomes your baby" event and got to check out their teacher and classroom.  Nathan was laughing and giggling all the way through singing time, and Curious Matthew was checking out the baby girl next to us, patting her head.  What a flirt!

Tomorrow we're going to River Valley Church to be a part of the Tuesday morning mom's group.  It will be their first time in the nursery, so we'll see how that goes.  We've decided that it's time to take them to the nursery, since Saturday night service was the Nathan and Matthew Show in the back row.  They didn't cry - they just flirted, laughed and played with everyone around us.  Sheesh.

Today we visited our local library for storytime, and I couldn't believe my eyes, but the boys actually PAID ATTENTION to the reader!  Okay, it wasn't the whole time, but both boys watched the ladies reading aloud at the front of the room for several moments.  I was pretty excited about that, especially because we stayed in the back (partly because of the GIGANTIC stroller I had with me, and partly for a quick-haha-escape if necessary)!

And, I'm still getting together with my friend E and her twin boys every week that we can, so that should keep us busy this winter.  I'll post some pictures of our events when I get some.  In the meantime, here's a cute pic of the guys you haven't seen yet:

Nathan, Daddy and Matthew playing with Christmas toys.

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KJ said...

That is awesome that you are getting out! It is so necessary and helpful!