Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Mum Mums

We are still recovering from a long Christmas and New Year's trip to Michigan to visit the families.  In fact, when we arrived at MSP on Saturday morning, we drove straight to the boys' pediatrician's for Nathan, who has another sinus infection.  Steve and I couldn't help but laugh about how weird our life is as he fed me Burger King hash browns and orange juice while I nursed the babes in the front seat of the minivan in Burger King's parking lot while it was below zero outside to get to the appointment in time.  Truth is stranger than fiction!

Good news, bad news at the clinic: the good news is that after just 2 days on the antibiotic, Nathan was showing improvement and is sleeping through the night again - Hallelujah!  Bad news is that we found out our beloved Dr. VanRoekel passed away on Dec. 27th after her third battle with cancer.  We didn't even know she was sick, since she was diagnosed around Thanksgiving, just days after we'd seen her for the boys' 6 month well baby visit.  Her obituary was published in the Pioneer Press on Dec. 30th.  We will miss her.

We've spent the last few days reorganizing our lives back at home.  As of this writing, there is still one suitcase left to unpack and one load of laundry waiting to be tossed in the dryer.  The boys are napping, though, so I had to write while I could. 

Since Matthew has started to put his hand in his mouth with every bite of baby food, I decided to try giving them the Baby Mum Mums again, a treat my sister had told me about - one she learned from her Malaysian husband.  We found a box at a Wal Mart in Kona, HI, in October, so I picked them up, but the boys didn't know what to do with them.  Until now!

We like Mum Mums

Yes we do!  We like Mum Mums

How about you?!


April said...

I had to google it to see what in the world that was! Looks interesting! Found them on Amazon. Did you try it out? :)

Anna said...

Our boys love those too! Walmarts here have them too.

Meika said...

Oh, they had those (or something that looks like them) in Japan! I was never able to find them here!

That hey-what's-that-in-my-mouth?-hand is a fun one, isn't it? :)