Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Curves is now a Playground

My regular readers will remember when I blogged in October about turning my living room into Baby Curves.  The training circuit isn't working anymore since the bouncy chairs and swing have been retired.  No, we are on to bigger and better things: our living room has been transformed into a PLAYGROUND!

If you look closely, you'll see the play mat on the left, which they are still loving, and out of the picture are the Jumparoo and the Exersaucer, big favorites.  See, the green bedsheet simulates the green grass of a playground (they won't see that for some time!) and there are noisy, exciting toys in the middle.  We even have a sitting practice area!  They are improving their sitting abilities daily, but I put them in the big blue nursing pillow (it's covered in a yellow blanket here) so they bonk their heads on that instead of the floor.  The sitting area is used as a reading area and nursing area, too, so that's why you see the green Boppy and the Children's Bible near the couch.  (About that big blue nursing pillow: LOVED it for many months, but its glory days are over, being repurposed into a sitting pillow.  The guys push and shove each other off the breast now, poking each other in the eye.  I know I told you they do that before, but now it's beyond belief and I have to nurse them individually.)  This is where we spend our days. 

I'm kind of getting cabin fever and we've been home less than a week!  So I'm looking into some E.C.F.E. classes and will probably be visiting the library for storytime soon.  It's way to cold to go out just for the sake of going out, but I rationalize it's okay if we have a specific destination!

Keeping our feet warm with lambskin booties! My cutie pies kept them on for half the day, which is a huge improvement over regular socks!

Nathan's already loving playing with balls

Must play ball!

Hold laundry, babies, toys, you name it!

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Meika said...

They're just way too cute, Kim. :)