Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crafty Thursday

What do you do when it rains the entire week Auntie L comes to visit?  Pack a picnic?  Zoom around the zoo?  No, you make crafts and bake more goodies!  Here we are at ECFE this morning, making a handprint for the boys' baby books:

Matthew chose blue for his print
Nathan had to dip twice to get it right...his left arm was yellow until bathtime!
Here's where we weren't so crafty: Nathan head-butted Matthew right in the mouth (by accident, I'm sure), where my poor little guy is teething.  His mouth was bleeding a tiny bit and he was UP-SET!  So Aunt L put on Yo Gabba Gabba while Matthew and mama snuggled (a rarity!) chewing on a frozen teething toy.  You'll notice that we've broken down and purchased the Play Yard XL gate to keep the boys out of our technology...classy, no?
Here we are making more sweets...clearly, too many food network shows!  However, L and I had to redeem ourselves after an unsightly, but quite delicious, anniversary cake for her parents back in March - remember this photo?
Thank goodness my in-laws love me!  They gobbled up this gooey, messy, white-cake-with-lemon-filling-and-marshmallow-frosting-experiment and said it was fabulous!  But L and I knew, deep down, we could improve. Sooo....
We're practicing our buttercream icing skills for the boys' birthday party!
Whaddya think?  And check out my roses, still blooming!


Pam Kelsey said...

Aren't the boys supposed to be inside the gate? I'm glad the computer is safe! ha,ha......

Mrs. B. said...

hilarious (and genius) that you keep your technology gated!

and now i'm pretty much starving after seeing all of those frosted treats.