Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Suits

Here's what we look like today!

  Nathan: Mom's feeling pretty schmoopy about us turning one today, getting big and desperately trying to take steps, so she wants us to tell you to hold onto your shorts and she'll update you on our upcoming one-year's doctor appointment and the birthday bash we're having this weekend. 

Matthew: If you're itching to walk down memory lane today, check out our birth story blog entry or this one about mom's first night alone with us. 
Nathan: No, not that one, I'm naked there!

Matthew: yeah, I am, too!  So don't read them!  Never mind!  I can't believe she tricked us into saying that!

Nathan: Wait a minute.  Maybe she meant to do that.

Mathew: Huh?  Why would she let people see us naked?

Nathan: Because we're in our BIRTHDAY SUITS!

Matthew: (groans) Oh, man!  

Nathan: Aren't you glad we got new ones for this year?


Meika said...

Happy birthday, boys!! You get more adorable by the day!

And kim, even though the sweet-little-baby stuff is waning, they get to be even more fun when they can move and talk. More sweetness is on the way, different though it may be.

KJ said...

Happy Birthday Boys! I can't believe your kiddos are already one!

The Alexanders said...

holy smokes! 1 year old babies. I can not believe that we only have 3 months to go :)

Bonnie said...

Love the "birthday boy" shirts!!