Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Daddy,

Hi Dad,
I can call you that now that we're big, right?  We officially graduated from "Moms and Muffins" today - it was our last time hanging out with the babies.  But it was know, there were girls here.  Yes, I said "here," mom actually let us have girls over!  Now we KNOW we're big!  See?
That's me, then Nathan, and you know A and G, then there's our new girlfriends A and M -(or is that M and A?) They're pretty cool.  They say they're not identical, but they look alike to me!  I really liked M, but I just didn't have the nerve to ask her out.  Mom says that I need to wait 20 years, but I'm thinking maybe we can go out for pizza next month for her birthday.  What do you think?  Can I borrow the car?

Love, Matthew

Dear Daddy,
Matthew is so funny!  He's all talk - he was so shy around the girls!  Ha, ha!  They were really fun and played with our toys and sat on Mom's lap.  I guess she likes it when babies do that? 
Then we took a nap, then we took a walk and saw a SCHOOL BUS and CATERPILLARS!  We read stories and played and skyped with you and played and skyped with Grandma and played and then when Aunt L thought I was asleep and she was giving Matthew his bottle I POOPED!  Ha, ha!  Then she had to clean me up!  Ha, ha!  It was a super-fun day!

Love, Nathan


Maria Harris said...

Thanks for a FUN playdate and new friends!! Abi & Madi could not quite talking about all the boys! They are already asking for another date!! Thanks for hosting, we all had alot of fun!!

Mrs. B. said...

girls over already!? you stud-muffins, you! :)

and that looks like quite the party!