Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day!  My guys made it special starting on Saturday...I received two dozen roses from my two little guys!  Thank you, boys, they are beautiful!
Auntie L. is visiting us this week and she was kind enough to sit with the guys on Saturday night so Steve took me on a date.  A real DATE!  You know, the kind where you go to a restaurant with with good food, low lights, nice music and no kids?  (Would've been perfect had the loudest woman in the world not been sitting next to us.  I actually couldn't hear Steve at one point!  When she wanted to order "Bananas Foster for four," the server explained that the dessert takes 30 minutes to make on a slow night, and they were very busy.  Fortunately, her party settled for cheesecake so we enjoyed some quiet time!)  We even shared a fabulous tiramisu for dessert.  Yum!  Thank you, Steve and Aunt L!

 At church today, the mothers in the congregation were recognized and I stood with all the other moms while everyone else clapped.  That was a very strange feeling!  I'm pretty sure I weeblewobbled stood last year, too, but when I was preggers, we sat in the very last row so I didn't have to walk any farther than necessary!  I felt quite self-conscious today, but as I sit here typing, I realize that even in the back row last year, I was probably more noticeable than I was today in the middle of the room!

To celebrate, we took the boys and L. up to St. Paul to go to Punch Neapolitan Pizza  for lunch.  (You might remember how much we love this place from this January post.  Thanks, John, for commenting on that post - it made my day!)  After eating their "regular" lunch, we gave the boys their first Punch pizza crust!  They loved it! 
Then we strolled Grand Avenue, grabbed some ice cream at the Grande Ol' Creamery, and headed home for a fun-filled bath night and the season finale of the Amazing Race! (We never got a call, by the way, so I guess we're not going to be on the show.)  Our favorite team (Jet and Cord, of course!) didn't win, but I'm still happy we had such a wonderful day together. 

And I received one last present, too...Steve put latches on my kitchen cupboards so the munchkins can't empty them or attempt to eat the dishsoap.  Thanks, honey!

To my fellow mom (and mom-to-be) readers, Happy Mother's Day!


Kris said...

Hi Kim!
Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! I found your site from the MVMOM feature article:) Just wanted to pop over and say HI!

Mrs. B. said...

i'm so very late, but HAPPY MAMA'S DAY! and it sounds like your day was awesome - just as it should be! :)