Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a Great Weekend!

We took a 3 day weekend and flew down to Texas to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and their beautiful little girl.  What a great time we always have visiting them!  Certainly, visiting them with the boys is a little more complicated than it used to be, but it's so worth the hassle to be able to spend time with family and make sure the kids know who their family is!

The weekend was short because we took a later flight than planned and then experienced a two-hour delay, but the boys behaved quite well.  We took their "big boy" carseats and installed them on the plane so that the fellas had their own space and we could contain them!  Since I forgot the camera (I'm really starting to lose it- I left a whole bag of groceries at the store last night, too!), we don't have a photo of Steve and I each carrying a carseat (backpack-style) and pushing a a stroller through the airport, but we made it work!  I'll snap a shot on our next trip so you can see how we look like pack mules when we fly to and fro.

Following this post is a new feature!  My sister uploaded all her pictures to Shutterfly, and I was able to save them to my own account, then post them to my blog site in a slideshow format.  What will they think of next?  I spared you hundreds of photos taken and reduced the weekend to my favorite 20. 

You'll see the boys in their first ride in the swings at the park and L helping to feed them at the picnic.  We also visited the Ft. Worth Zoo and celebrated the kids' birthdays (5 days apart).  We LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit and are already planning our next trip! 

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mrs. b. said...

how fun! so glad you were able to have a mini-vacay!