Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Card Conundrum

I've been using Shutterfly ( for years to make all kinds of special cards and this Christmas is no exception.   I think that if there is not an adorable face on the card, it will eventually be tossed, but who can throw away a picture of my cutie pies?

Thus begins the Christmas card quest.  Here's the link to Shutterfly's Christmas cards page:  I'm looking for one that is very
"us," that can accommodate our BEST EVER family picture, and says something about Christmas, not "holiday" or "season."  Here's one idea:
But I'd like a little more pizazz.  Here's another one I like from Shutterfly's "holiday" page, but our photo is vertical, not horizontal.  I don't know if either will work:
Good thing I've got...5 WEEKS!?  Eeek!  I'd better hurry up and decide!  What will you do for cards this year?

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