Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snow Babies

Most kids in our area are thrilled with the foot of snow we're receiving today.  Are ours?  You tell me:
Where's my caaa?

Hey, it's kinda cold out here.
This is cold and I can't find me my caaa!
Okay, 5 minutes is enough.  Let's go in!

Waaaa!  We thought you loved us, Mommy!
No, Daddy!  Not the scary snowman!!!
Nope.  They hated every minute of it.
We've got about 4 more months to torture them like this!


The Alexanders said...

Oh my goodness this post is hilarious! We usually have snow by now but still nothing...and I am not complaining! I am pretty sure that our boys are going to feel the same!

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

won't you have a great time reminding them of this, in a couple of years when you can barely drag them back in out of the snow!

Lindsey_Aulds said...

Oh man that is too funny! I can't believe all of that snow! I'm not ready! Apparently neither are the guys. They look so adorable in their coats! Miss you guys!

Misty said...