Friday, November 12, 2010

Your Vocab List

There will be a quiz.  Study hard.

  • "shoo" shoes, socks, tissue
  • "choo-choo" train
  • "eee?eee?" are we going to eat soon?  will you feed me? I'm hungry! accompanied the "eat" sign
  • "baba" or "wawa" accompanied by the "milk" sign; I'm thirsty
  • "teee" teeth, TV
  • "moo" what a cow says
  • "baa" what a sheep says, or banana or bath
  • "nay" what a horse says, or what M calls N
  • "eee-eee-ooo-ooo" what a monkey says
  • "wooh, wooh" what a dog says
  • "naaaah naaaaah naaaah" what a motorcycle says
  • "raaarh" what a lion, tiger, bear, or stuffed animal in hand says
  • "coo-kie?" can I have a cookie or cracker or whatever it is that you're eating?
  • "jew" juice
  • "chee" cheese
  • "no" NO, nose, as the boy puts his little finger up your nostril
  • "mo?mo?mo?mo?"  can I have some more of that thing you just fed me?
  • "ahh duh!" I'm all done with this (meal, activity, carseat, etc.) accompanied by escalating sign language, meaning, if you don't hurry up, I'm going to flap my arms and fly outta here!
  • "go, go, go, go" GO, as in the "Cat in the Hat" cartoon song, "We're gonna go, go, go, go on an adventure," or me saying, "Let's go,"  also Go-Gurt (Yoplait's yogurt in a tube: genius!)
  •  "caa?" Can I go outside and play cars?  Will you open this diaper wipes box and get my matchbox car out so I can put it back in and close it? I want a car to play with in my carseat.
  •  "uh, uh" pick me up and let me get stuff off the counter or open the microwave door a dozen times
  • "nigh-nigh" Can I go night night? When is night night?  I just got up from night night.
  • "mama" and "dada," of course - my favorites
  • "zis?" what's this?
  • "zee" Auntie L's name
  • "GiGi" Great-Grandma P's name
  • "apo" apple
  • When M stands by the bathroom door wiping his hands together, he'd like to wash his hands (so he can eat) please!
  • "si?" Outside?  Usually accompanied by "shoo?" and an article of clothing to go outside
  • "ahma" Amen.
  • "Hi," "Bye, bye"

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    Lindsey_Aulds said...

    I like the vocabulary word "Zee" best =] Miss you guys!