Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too Big For Our Britches

Both literally and figuratively!

Two weeks ago, as I buckled the boys into their carseats - and it was 20 below zero outside - I saw four lily white legs sticking out from underneath the coats, hats, and mittens.  Their pants were too short!  Wayyyyy too short once the 5 point harness was buckled between their legs!  Those pants were retired immediately after our outing that day.  It's not that we don't have pants or can't afford pants...it's that nothing fits!

I know N has grown 1.5 inches in two months because he was measured for his pre-op physical last week.  I'm positive his brother has grown about two because he's a smidge taller when they're standing still.  (Snort, snort...standing still!!!)  Suddenly, everything that fit - doesn't!

So we went out and bought some brand-spankin' new 24 months size pants for the boys.  And guess what?  They were too big!  The waist is too big, so they slide down, the legs are a bit too long, so they need to be cuffed.  But their old pants, which fit in the waist, are highwaters on them!  What to do?

Break out the sweats.  My boys will be wearing sweats...um...until they either fit into their 24 mo sized pants or shorts!  Here they are sporting their fancy new fleece pants at ECFE last week.  Funny how I categorize sweats - these are the "fancy" ones for going out, the plain grey everyday ones are for wearing in!
N learns how to fill it up!

M is unsure about those pedals
Too bad our family can't just move into a pair of sweats because we're too big for our house, too.  I'm not complaining - I'm just stating a fact.  We are too big for our britches.

Kind of like the way I discovered the boys' pants were too small - in that I knew it would happen someday- we have finally admitted that this house, our beloved two-bedroom, first-place-we-bought-together,  where-we-brought-our-babies-home townhouse no longer fits us.

Like little legs growing, it's happened slowly and inevitably.  Suddenly, you notice that you've been trapped inside for three months, the kids are sick of their Christmas toys and they are racing their shopping cart and lawnmower around in circles - literally- CIRCLES! in your kitchen/dining/living area, once believed to be a "great room" or "open concept" and it hits you - WE. NEED. SPACE. 

So, we're beginning the house hunt and we need your help, friends.  If you know someone who would like to rent our fantastic townhouse- and it really IS fantastic - let me know!  It's perfect for someone who needs small-to-medium sized britches, like a really sweet newlywed couple.  Who would like a baby-bumblebee yellow second bedroom. And a two car garage.  And a great balcony on which to sit in the summer and watch the dragonflies migrate overhead.  With a beautiful view of the sun setting behind the church.

I'm praying for a nice big pair of britches for us this spring/summer.  The boys need space for being boys, hubs needs space to work from home, and we need space for family to stay.  Please let me know if you know where we can rent a place like that in the South of the River area.

I'll let you know how it goes.  And thanks.


April said...

Praying all the details work out perfectly for both renting your place and renting a new place! :) Then we can come over and play with your new large space!!

Meika said...

It's interesting how these things creep up, isn't it? We realized this just a couple weeks ago with my beloved Passat station wagon. I'd figured we could keep it until it died - get smaller carseats should we add a third child, and we'd be good to go!

How did I not notice that my husband is 6'4"? And that even the space for little legs behind his seat was leaving something to be desired? Sigh... minivan city, here we come.

Good luck on the house-hunting! I'm excited to hear what you end up with!

Liz Siebenaler said...

Oh come on you could easily fit 2 more in there! LOL We are doing some house fixing up now so we can rent out or sell ours too:) 6 people in a townhouse is a little crazy! Hopefully you, Beth and I will all be in bigger spaces soon!

Kristi said...

I have BOTH of the same problems. And while I can't do much with the house (yours or mine:)) I can help with the pants! Alex is a skinny minny - but tall! And I've found that the Kohl's brand fits REALLY well in length and waist. It's called jumping beans or something like that...