Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Birthday Fun (or don't P in the Ool)!

With the boys' and hubs' birthday just 9 days apart, we can stretch the birthday celebrations for over a week!  If I haven't read your Facebook posts or replied to your texts or voicemails, it's because we've been partying and prepping for more partying this weekend.  (Sorry!) 

Last weekend we celebrated with our Michigan families and tonight we celebrated with our Minnesota friends.  It was the first time we had so many people in our new house and it was fun to introduce our friends to each other - we had multiples' families, church friends, old friends, new friends and new neighbors (they fall into the new friends category, too!) gathered to celebrate God's many blessings.  Here are just a few of the hundreds or so pictures snapped tonight.  These were taken the second half of our party by Aunt L - beginning with cake eating, on our Nikon, whose software was FINALLY uploaded to the dino-desktop tonight. Please be patient and I'll work on some more this week.  A very gracious friend will have a boatload of good ones from the beginning!
I love you, bro!  (My favorite shot:)
Clean mud, eh?  I'm sure I can make a mess of it.
Cake! Cake, Bug cake!  More candies?  Pweeze?

Fireman N helps with the hose

I missed you so much!  Welcome!  M greets our friends at the door.

A perfect evening for picnicing in our backyard.  What beautiful weather and wonderful friends.


I love cake!

Daddy and M share a hug

TP + Ivory Soap + H20 + a whole bunch of two year old twins = Clean Mud

The making of the mud

First water balloon fight!  Okay, it wasn't much of a fight, but it was funny!

More clean mud making - I had to teach them how to squish it together.
N tiptoes through the shark pool sprinkler

How many two year olds fit into a shark pool?  About 9!

Four tired but very happy people say good-bye, friends!  Come again!
Oh, yeah....and somebody peed in the pool!  I'll leave you guessing if you haven't already heard! :)


camaulds said...

That looks soooo fun! Granddad wishes he were there! I need a grandsons hug!

camaulds said...

OBTW, that grandson to grandson hug is my all time favorite! You guys do such a good job! I can't think of anything you guys should be doing different! You are all so wonderful and I love you all!

Dad Aulds