Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Pics

Here we are, all dressed up and ready to party!

My sis reads the scripture passage

My brother in law, the Music Man

What my sons were doing while my friends recited their vows

My parents are all smiles, dining with the grandkids at the reception

Uncle J, Aunt L, and my littlest niece just 2 months old

K the bride dances with her daddy

How we celebrated most of the reception: outside!  So we tried to take a photo on the rare occasion all 4 of us dressed up.  How do you think it went?

No, you are not a mountain goat!

Whew, that was close! 

Three out of four smiles is pretty good, don't you think?

Hey, there, photographer!

Bro, that guy with the camera makes me nervous

Even if it were straight, still it's not The One.  You know, The Christmas Card photo you try to get all year? 

This is more like it!  Way more fun!

Me and the beautiful bride

Giving K high fives goodbye.
Attending a wedding with two toddlers is something that everyone should do once in their lifetime.  I can check it off the list now!  Great fun was had by all, especially when it was time to eat cake - if you look closely, you can probably see it all over our clothes (which reminds me I need to take some things out of the washer)!  Congratulations and best wishes, K and J!  We love you!
The Newlyweds


The Alexanders said...

holy smokes I can't believe how different the boys' hair is!

sharon aulds said...

"Were going to trade you for a mountain goat.." "That's just what I had in mind!" Great memory, Steve. Now you are making memories of your own!!