Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Good Days Than Not

That's how I'm surviving this week.  Unfortunately (for you, readers) I haven't had time to write on the good days, when my best writing (in my opinion) seems to be done.  It's NOW that I have time, after two of the roughest days I've had with the fellas, on a single-mom-rain-all-day-Saturday-and-worst-of-all-my-son-figured-out-how-to-climb-out-of-his-crib-oh-my-gosh-I-need-a-glass-of-wine night that I have time to post.  Since, of course, I'm having technical difficulties with the Nikon, which I've been slowly but surely teaching myself (okay, I can't find the stupid USB cord), I uploaded the Handycam photos, and I am reminded that yes, there are more good days than bad.  It's just that the good days go so fast and the not-so-good-ones are so slow.  So unendingly slow.  Here's what I found on my Handycam tonight: a bunch of good days from the last two weeks.  So bottoms up and praise the Lord if your good days outnumber the bad not so good! 

(Sigh.) They're out of order and sideways to boot.  At least they're uploaded.  On Tuesday, a friend (good) exchanged the dead dino desktop (bad) for a new(ish-everything is relative!) tower (good!) and I'm still teaching myself how to use Picasa for my photo uploads (good?)  See...a 3/1 ratio!  Them's good odds! :)
Me and Harmon Killebrew celebrate 9 years of marriage on Wednesday!  I mean, Hubs and I saw a Twins game and posed with goofy statues at Target Field.

The fellas meet T.C. bear, the Twins' mascot at MOA Toddler Tuesdays.  N was NOT diggin' it!

N cools off on a 100 degree day last week.

The best my hat ever looked!  On M

They're diggin' hats so much, they wear flowerpots when I'm not looking! 

N and I try out a a digger at Central Park

Aunt L and M sharing a picnic lunch last week

More picnic pics, me and N

Aunt L snaps a shot of me snapping her!

Coolin' off by the shark pool with ice cream (and a dirty diaper, we'll soon learn!)

Cheers to summer!  N and Aunt L

M likes to read his birthday cards on a string

Pan Bagnet, the French tuna fish sandwich I made for the MVMOM gathering.  So delicious! (It was a great party, but the pics are on the Nikon of course, for a different post.)

Our first Target Field Twins game on our 9th anniversary.  I tried to surprise him, but he found the tickets weeks ago!  He was still happy, though!

So there ya have it.  They say you remember 50% of what you hear, 90% of what you write down, and 100% of what you teach.  That's why I try my darndest to write the good stuff.  Because it's what I want to remember.  Have a great weekend, my friend! 


The Alexanders said...

We have had a week straight of rain here, so I know EXACTLY how you feel! BRING ON THE SUN!!! You guys are so lucky to have an MLB team close enough to be able to go to the games! I hope that they managed to pull out a win for you special date night!

Lindsey Aulds said...

Awe! Which one figured out how to climb out? My bet is N.. he lifted his leg a lot when I put him down for naps and bed time.. You're a lucky lady.. I learned to do that at NINE months old! All the anniversary pictures are really cute! The sammy looks delicious btw. This is a long comment but there is a lot to comment on! Just think positive and look forward to the romantic and wonderful childless vacation coming up! Cheers to a better week. =]