Friday, September 16, 2011


Two nights ago, it was very quiet, and not because the boys were sleeping.  They were missing. 

Okay, they weren't GONE, nor were they where I'd left them while I attempted housework.  And I couldn't hear anything, either.

Are all the doors locked?  I wondered.  Yes, but N has learned how to undo the deadbolt in the mudroom.  However, he can't reach the garage door opener or open the van door (that I'm aware of, that is) so the furthest he could be is getting into Daddy's tools or other dangerous garage items.

Are they in my bathroom, unrolling the toilet paper?  Splashing in the toilet?  No, I'd hear that.

They were in the kitchen (on my freshly mopped floor!) stuffing grapes into their faces as quickly as they could, lest they get caught and Mean Mommy takes the grapes away!

 So I let them.  For heaven's sakes, they were hungry!  And of course they were, because they'd refused most of their dinner.  We ate grapes on the floor, then changed into new fall pj's and brought out the snuggle blankets to watch a "movie" before bed, which turned out to be just one episode of Imagination Movers, but they loved it!

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