Sunday, September 4, 2011

Minnesota State Fair Fun!

Boy oh boy are we having a good time with Grandma and Papa this weekend!  I'm just going to put up a couple of State Fair pics right now, though, because today was a blast!  Hubs and I started going when we moved here in '04 and made it a 'family tradition,' which we've missed for two years now, so it was extra special today.  I haven't had my Dairy Barn ice cream in three years - yikes!  Here are some highlights:
We started the morning off right - with N's first ever fried cheese curd.

More cheese!  More cheese!  M was begging until they were all gone.

Mom and Dad with Hubs and the guys, also enjoying their first fried cheese curds - at 10:30 am!

We went straight to the Miracle of Life barn, where the baby animals are on display.

M was trying to catch the piglet's tail!

Our cute little piglets!

For lunch, what's better than a corn dog? N didn't like sharing it.

M was in HEAVEN driving the tractors on machinery hill!  We could've stayed there all day.

They didn't like sharing tractors much, either, but we made them.

A great place to relax - the lactation station, where we changed diapers and just lounged around, playing with the toys set out for the older siblings.  Who cares that no one was lactating?

Farmer N collects his eggs at the Little Farm Hands display.

Noshing on Sweet Martha's Cookies and 1919 rootbeer before heading out

Me my little piggie at home
What we didn't take a photo of, but should have, was the big bus we rode from the park and ride.  To the delight of our fellow riders, we sang "The Wheels on the Bus," all the way there and back - the guys were just thrilled to actually see and touch wheels of a bus and then ride on it!  They talked about it all the way home.  We'll be talking about their first trip to the Minnesota State Fair for years to come - or one, until we go back next year.

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