Sunday, September 25, 2011

Orchard Apples

We told the boys we were going to the apple orchard after dinner, and M repeated a thousand times, "Orchard Apples?  Orchard Apples? Go to Orchard Apples?"  It's actually called Fireside Orchards, and it's adorable!  We wanted to find a new orchard nearer to our home, and we love "our" new one, even though they've been around 40 years!...because they MAKE apple cider donuts where you can watch the batter drop into the hot oil and puff up as they float along the little oil river to their bath of sugar, temporary home of a white paper bag, then their ultimate demise: my stomach.  I had to share with the others, though.  They made me. 

They sell other awesome apple-y stuff, too, so we picked up some Cortlands for applesauce (I learned how to make it the crock pot - SO DELICIOUS!  Who knew applesauce was so yummy?) and Honeycrisp for snacking.  It was difficult but we passed on the pies, fudge and HUGE array of canned and jarred goods - this weekend.

Then we strolled through the gardens and took a walk through the orchard with the fellas. 

Always taking care of each other

N looking pretty guilty - he picked ONE apple from a forbidden tree, and we got caught!  (Sound familiar?)

Aunt L and her nephews

Having twins is like a walk in an orchard

Best part of the orchard by far!  N drives the antique tractor

Outta the way!  M at the wheel of the John Deere!

Another awesome toy - a VERY LOUD bell to ring over and over and over...
We'll see you again, soon, Fireside Orchards! 


camaulds said...

That looks so fun. I'd love a cinnamon donut, some coffee & some grandson hugs right now!

Pam Kelsey said...

Ohh, those donuts are G-O-O-D!!!!! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside!! :)