Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pizza Party

I had a brilliant idea to let the boys help make pizzas for dinner because, theoretically, kids will eat food they help prepare.  It started out great!  The boys had a lot of fun
N spreads the sauce on ours

M spreads the sauce on theirs
N's photo of M sprinkling cheese - it's pretty good!
N tests the pepperonis before adding them...ick.
The making of the pizzas was fun!  Even the watching  of the pizzas in the oven was fun.  The actual eating of the pizzas?  No, thanks.  We barely got them to taste one slice! 
Maybe it's because M burned his finger on the stone and insisted on wearing these all night afterward.
And then I turned 34 yesterday.  Here's my birthday snuggles with my little boys last night.  They love this book, "My Little Train," and ask for it every night.  They know all the words.  Here, they are shouting, "To my pocket!  To my pocket!" which is where the little kangaroo wants to be dropped off by the train.  They are so fun (when they're not testing my patience)!

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