Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend, as a kid, meant going back to school on Tiesday. (the letter after "t" does not work on my iPhone). Since I chose a profession in teaching, it meant going back to work. Now, I'm a stay at home mom of two year old twin boys and it means returning to the fall scedule: back to school, in other words! More than ever, I know why moms love school so much, despite mine being only two.

Soon, the boys and I will attend ECFE, where they play with other two year olds while the other parents and I attend class together. Even though it's a new clas, we don't have any first day jitters- only excitement for a separating class. We'll also be going back to my chirch's Mom's Groyp once a week, another welcome break to talk to real, sane adults while the boys play in the nursery.

Those two 90 minute events each week keep me sane, and whenwe need another activity, we can pop into the library's toddler storytime, which has also been on hiatus.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Jine, Jly and the first half of Aigist(seioisly too many you) the last two weeks are just crawling by? I think many moms of school aged children feel tis way, bit am I the only toddler mom looking forward to "school" starting?

We do have some fn planned with parents, visiting MNfor the first time since the fellas were born: the state fair, the zoo, and maybe even choochoo bob's train store. So things are lookng good for smmer's last hurra, then school starts. I can't wait. :)

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