Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where's Papa?

"Don't touch the trains" at Choo-Choo Bob's!  Not the model trains, anyhow.

At Blue Door Pub in St. Paul, featured on the Food Network last month.  Guy Fieri was right - the Blucy's are delicious!
He went home to Michigan.
Where's Grandma?
She went home to Michigan.
Where's Daddy?
He's working in Miami.
Where's brudder?
He's right next to you, silly!

The fellas aren't quite into the "why" stage yet, but they are definently into "What's that?"  "Where's this?" and "I want more ______!" which basically sums up our entire lunchtime conversation today.  The guys are reminiscing about our fun weekend with my parents, occasionally saying, "Don't touch the trains!" because they were grabbing the model trains off the tracks at Choo Choo Bob's, and "pet the piggie oink! oink!" because we visited the birthing barn at the fair, and "I want donuts!" because we bought apples and apple donuts at the orchard yesterday. 

Our visitors have gone home, Daddy's gone to work, even the neighbor kids have returned to school and it's me and the guys today, cleaning house and doing laundry.  I get a little sappy on the first day of school, when my teacher friends go back to work and my mommy friends send their children off to school and enjoy an entire day of SILENCE.  Honestly, I'm envious.  Do you KNOW how much housework I could (theoretically) get done in 6 hours?! Only three years until I have a clean house - when I send them off to kindergarden.

But how can I complain?  I had coffee, a sunny morning, and two busy boys completely occupied by their red cozy coupes this morning.  Best of all, the mosquitoes are gone!  There was an occasional argument over whose rock was whose, since they were filling the cars with landscaping rocks and leaves in order to transport said items to a different area of the yard, but who cares?  Well, Daddy does, but they are entertained for hours doing this, so I don't stop them. 

Sharky's been put away and fall has officially begun.  I'm off to fold laundry and start packing the boys' summer clothes away and creating an inventory of fall clothes so I know what I need to buy at the MVMOM sale in two weeks.  Hurray fall!


Pam Kelsey said...

Aaaawwww! We miss the boys too! They just don't understand where everybody goes :( We will come again...just don't know when.

Patti said...

Just in case you get TOO sappy on your teacher friends returning to work the first day........I will take your two 2 year olds in return you will gain 22 six year olds. Perfect trade.