Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Update

Thursday morning was my 16 week appointment - 16 weeks!  Unbelievable.  The pregnancy is going so fast, but I don't have time to sit around and contemplate my bellybutton, so I've barely mentioned it to you.

Fortunately, I'm in my second trimester now so the Utter Exhaustion phase is lifting off.  That's how I figured out I was pregnant- I was so tired at 1pm when I put the boys down for a nap that my bones hurt and I laid down on the living room floor!  Not the couch, 3 feet away, or my bed, down the hall.  I was nauseous - because what mom of two year old twins eats a healthy breakfast? - and nearly passed out.  My brain said, wow, you haven't felt this sick since you were pregnant.  I told my brain, yeah.  My brain said, you haven't had a period since July.  So I asked my brain what day it was.  It said, September 8th. I was six weeks pregnant, I found out a few minutes later, when I peed on a stick.  Thanks, brain, for not reminding me I was two weeks late!

I heard the baby's heartbeat Thursday morning - and yes, we know there is only one because I've already had an ultrasound to rule out multiples.  I think I would have had an anxiety attack by now if I hadn't!  My doctor didn't say how fast it was beating, but it sounded suspiciously like my boys' did.

I think my weight is doing ok.  I'm definitely gaining more slowly than I did with the twins, so I feel downright skinny!  (Haha)  And that's with eating a lot of that leftover Halloween candy, so I think I'm alright for now.  And my XL maternity clothes are still too big, so I'm taking that as a good sign.  I'm not sure I'll be singing the same tune come January and February, after the holidays, when I'll NOT be in my first trimester and nauseous, like last time.

No intense cravings, but I'm preferring salts to sweets, again, despite the Halloween candy.  I've been buying store-brand butter microwave popcorn and snacking on that at night - my non pregnant self much prefers ice cream.  This happened last time, too, when I sent Hubs on a wild goose chase for Maui Onion flavored potato chips, so I'm not surprised!   And I quit coffee, again.  I quit it about a month ago, but I just couldn't function all day.  So I started up.  Then the constant peeing started back up and I suspected it was the caffeine, so I quit again and the peeing is slowing back down.  Like you wanted to know that.  But not having coffee explains a lot...of my grumpiness. 

We're taking bets on the gender.  Anyone?  People seem to think we want a girl, but that's not necessarily true.  We are already all ready for boys here, so a little band of brothers would be great.  But I'm not getting any younger, so this might be it and a girl would be a lot of fun, especially with big blond curls.  I know the Lord has just the right one chosen for us. 

I still think we'll name the baby Surprise.


The Alexanders said...

Congratulations! That is super exciting news!

KJ said...

I'm gonna guess a girl just cause of the queasy stomach! Plus then you'd have two boys and a girl, like we do (sorta...boy #3 due next month!). Enjoy the singleton pregnancy and motherhood! It's so different then twins and a blast!

camaulds said...

Andrew was a surprise! We like surprises! Surprises are good!