Sunday, November 6, 2011

Zoo Boo

M's big smiles at the new penguin exhibit
 It's getting increasingly difficult to take photos of my two and a half year old fellas if they don't want them taken - which is just about never!  Aunt L and I took the boys to the zoo on Wednesday and try as she might, she had a pretty hard time getting any good photos, good being defined as both their faces looking in the direction of the camera.  Still, we had a fun time running, jumping, and climbing through the exhibits.  I threaten to leave them with the monkeys.  Someday I will.
They love the tortise in the Tropics Trail.

N's turn!

The new Colobus monkeys on display, with their soon to be brother in red.

Aunt L, the guys and a giant bison they petted going in and out.

Watching the dolphin just before seeing the show for the first time.

They loved watching the dolphin do tricks - for about 4 minutes.

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