Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

M put the fireman costume on for trick or treating!  Isn't he handsome?
N didn't believe us that he needed the costume for candy.  Turns out he was right.  He went as a volunteer fireman - as in, I'm not wearing the uniform unless there's really a fire!  He did concede to wear the boots, which paired nicely with his Puma running outfit.
The boys were in love with Halloween!  We trick or treated while it was still light, so we were the first kids on our street out.  We even surprised Mr. Luigi, who didn't have candy, but gave us an even better treat - a jar of his homemade jam, the kind he sells at the Farmer's Market.  Yum. 

N raced from house to house, trying to beat his brother to ring the doorbell.  Our next door neighbor even had special Halloween flashlights just for them!

Mr. J and Ms. V, our next door neighbors they're in love with!

The last house we visited gave the boys quite a scare - there was a motion sensor gravestone at the front door that opened up and screamed when you came near.  (My grandma puts one of those motion sensor Christmas trees in the bathroom during the holidays- it scares the you-know-what right out of you!)  Both boys screamed in terror, but Aunt L and I couldn't keep from laughing.  When our neighbor came to the door, they relaxed a bit, knowing candy was coming, but then she set it off AGAIN! and well, that was the end of trick or treating!  It took the whole walk home and the opening of the magic flashlights to calm them back down.

We talked up the handing out of candy to other kids when it got dark, and I'm glad we got one shot because we had just 7 trick or treaters the whole night!  Good thing we bought 100 pieces of candy, right?  Oh, well, Baby likes Almond Joy.  Here are the fellas passing out candy to one of our guests. 

Where are you, trick or treaters?

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