Monday, November 21, 2011

Old but Cute Pics

These pics are about 3 weeks old, but since you haven't seen them I thought you might like them.  When Aunt L was here last, we took a trip up to St. Paul to visit Choo Choo Bob's Train Store.  If you haven't been there, it's a two year old boy's heaven; a model train store that is chock full of running model trains and train tables to play with!  It's the second time we've taken the boys and it's all they talk about.  I heard M talking to his cars about it today - maybe they were driving to Choo Choo Bob's together?
 I love this one because it shows how the boys are understanding that we want them to smile at the camera when we point it at them and say, "Say Cheese!"  Here we are at the Blue Door Pub, a restaurant that was featured on the Food Network's show Diners, Drive Ins and Dives earlier this year.  (If it sounds familiar, we took my folks there in September because THEY are the ones that discovered it.)  This time the boys shared a kids' meal of two mini cheeseburgers and loved it!

Hubs is eating a crazy Thai flavored burger and M is saying "cheese" with his mini cheeseburger.  Hubs said it was good, but not as good as the first one he had: the Jiffy burger, one piled high with bacon and peanut butter.  (Shudder)

When it comes to taking them out to eat, this was a just-okay dining experience.  We're learning that while we'd like to be the super-parents that can take their well behaved kids anywhere, the only places that they actually behave and eat are McDonald's and Culver's.  So that's where we went the last two weekends, and while the burgers weren't out of this world, we were much more able to relax and enjoy them.  We just didn't take any pictures because, well, it just doesn't occur to me at that moment that you'd like to dine with us at McD's. 

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