Monday, November 21, 2011

Mystery Diagnosis

Ever seen that show?  I think it is/was on TLC.  I'm not a devotee or anything, but I did like watching it at one time because it was so crazy - a person would have all kinds of bizarre symptoms that no one could figure out and years later there would be an expert who finally figured out what the crazy disease was and fix it with a miracle drug or diet.  Strangely, I'd much rather watch bizarre real-life type shows than scripted sitcoms.  Maybe that's why I blog, because truth is stranger than fiction.

It's been Mystery Diagnosis around here this week.  You may remember N getting his tear duct surgery done in February?  I thought that was going to solve our pink eye problems once and for all.  But Sunday morning the dreaded eye goobers came back.  I decided to play kind of dumb (because I wanted to believe that he couldn't get these again) and take him to church, where I'd be able to have my new friends, a husband/wife ophthalmologist/nurse combo team (if you're ever sick with eye problems, these are the people to know) take a look at him.  N was diagnosed with pink eye at the church potluck by Mr. Gus (pronounced "Goose") over a plate of pulled pork and grape salad.  We were allowed to use N's antibiotics from his surgery, given instructions and, voila!  Eye goobers gone today!  A bit bloodshot but getting better, probably because we caught it quick. Thank you, Mr. Gus!

M wanted in on Mystery Diagnosis action, so he's itching all over with tiny welts on his legs, shoulder and arms for two afternoons now.  Yesterday he woke up from his nap itching so we gave him clear caladryl and a bath, which seemed to do the trick.  He didn't appear to itch all morning today, but after nap he was itching like a madman!  Same spots, same welts.  More clear Caladryl, and this time a dose of children's zyrtec.  Brainstorming over a table of homemade pizza (I kneaded the dough this morning!  I'm really getting good at this homemade bread stuff!) we discovered two things happened:
1. I still hadn't changed the sheets since N's overnight diaper exploded disgusting diaper gel on Sunday morning.  I didn't think there was any on the actual sheets, just N's pj's and the little changing blankie, but you never know.  Seems like a long shot.
2. I added Oxiclean to the last two batches of boys' laundry, including the one that was just washed, dried, folded and PACKED INTO THE SUITCASE this afternoon.  To get those stains I miss, I figured, couldn't hurt.  Think again.

A quick online search reveals, yes, people do have allergic reactions to Oxiclean and to stop using it immediately.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?

So while Hubby did bedtime in old pj's that haven't been worn in weeks and therefore not washed in Oxiclean, I stripped M's bed (the one he naps in), unpacked the suitcase of clean clothes and started the 100th load of laundry today, in hopes of relieving poor M's itchies. 

Anyone else have a Mystery Diagnosis for me to solve?  On second thought, never mind.  I've got my hands full. 


Anonymous said...

oh no! It does sound like he may be allergic to was all I could narrow it down to around here when it happened to my husband. Hope it clears up quickly!

Cute blog, btw. I'm adding you to my reader!

Lindsey Aulds said...

Did it clear up? Could it be chicken pox?