Saturday, March 17, 2012

Baby/potty update

Baby: 33 weeks now, but I think he turned! Hubs took pics of my crazy old wives' tales efforts, which I will OBVIOUSLY not share with you, but will be a good laugh for us someday! Beginning Tuesday, I've been feeling Baby's hiccups down low near my left hip, which I'm taking as a good sign. Last week his hiccups were at the top of belly. I won't know for sure until my next appointment on the 29th. We are praying he stays put so I can attempt a successful VBAC, and avoid another c section. Otherwise, he's making me tired, hungry, grouchy, sleepy....wait a minute, aren't those the seven dwarves? Well, I've been every one at least once this week!

Potty: what shall I say? Since my potty meltdown on Monday, I've been trying to take a more laid back approach, keeping N in pull-ups. But it's backfiring a bit because N is still having accidents and today M, who was staying dry for days at a time, wet 4 times. Perhaps it's because we've been outside so much he's not thinking about it? I asked Hubs to show him how to pee on a tree we dubbed the "pee pee tree," and while it seemed to work momentarily, it also backfired. He refused to use the potty when we were inside, insisting on the tree, then of course having an accident when we wouldn't take him outside to pee. (sigh)

While I hoped the boys would be further along 2+ months into potty training, I guess it's to be expected. I take solace in knowing that many of my two year old twin mom friends are experiencing similar challenges. These are things I wish I could tell the random strangers at Target when they say, "I always wanted twins!" But I don't because I know they were sincerely complimenting us.

That's it. Baby's getting big and strong, boys are wonderful, and even though the accidents are maddening, somehow it seems a small price to have a week of sunshine and 70 degrees in the middle of March in MN.


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Praying that little man has turned!! And - answering your question very late, but the hubs is confident you can do a vbac!! Keep us posted. I admire your determination with the potty training. I gave up so long ago. I'd bet in another month they will be fully cooperating. I think you were wise ... b/c now I really have to wait awhile b/c there is no way to do it with nursing a new baby. Ms. K asked me just this morning to go potty (she had her diaper off) and I was in the middle of nursing. I had to drop everything to help her and that is tough. Your little men will be doing great by the time baby is here. So envious of your beautiful weather in MN. We've been stuck in the rain and clouds for three straight weeks. What a year in MN!! So sad we missed it! Take care!

Nicole said...

Hang in there! And I love that you made a pee pee tree...hilarious! It is just so much easier for them to pee outside. But hopefully this will not lead to long term rejection of the toilet :)

(this is nicole from here's the diehl...for some reason i can't comment on blogger blogs anymore and link to my wordpress blog!)