Monday, March 19, 2012

Backyard Bliss

I've mentioned in previous posts that we've been spending a lot of time outside recently, so I uploaded the iphone pics I've snapped of the boys enjoying our backyard.  It's such a wonderful blessing to have SPACE for the kids to play! 

M says "cheese!" on a rare occasion I got him to slow down for the camera

Yesterday was so warm we wore shorts and went barefoot in the sand!

M is proud of his newly acquired pedaling skills

Pedaling practice on the flat surface - it works best back here due to our graded driveway.

Here they're singing "teetertotterteetertotter" over and over.
 The toys we had for them last summer - the trikes and teetertotter and sandbox - were fun at age 2, but now that they actually have skills, I think they will enjoy them all the more this summer when they turn 3!  It's amazing how much stronger and more agile they've become in the six months we've spent indoors.

The forecast for this week is rain and 60's, which I suppose is normal for this time of year, so I'll take it because it sure beats snow!, but it's been just heavenly to have the windows open and the kids outside.  Loving spring - in fact, I've been loving Minnesota for the past 12 months!  Normal summer, warm fall, mild winter, early spring...really, you should live here!

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